To the regular guests of the thermal hotel “Iváncsó Birtok”!

Dear guests! The loyalty program is temporarily suspended.

By booking at the reception in person or by calling the reception +38 067 907 55 00 you will receive a discount of up to 7%, depending on your personal Guest Status.


Terms and conditions of the Loyalty Program for regular guests of the thermal hotel “Iváncsó Birtok”.

1. Definition of terms

1.1. Guest – an individual in whose name the reservation and payment are made.

1.2. Main Guest of the accommodation is an individual who lives in the room and for whom the status of the loyalty program is recorded. Only 1 person can be the Main Guest in the accommodation.

1.3. Guest status is a conditional name of the discount category that affects the percentage of discount for hotel accommodation services.

1.4. Loyalty Program – the name of the discount system for regular customers of the Hotel.

1.5. Hotel – the thermal hotel “Iváncsó Birtok”, located at the address: Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Beregovo district, Urochyshche street, building 1.

1.6. Discount is the amount by which the room rate per day is reduced.

1.7. Booking is an order for accommodation services at the Hotel for predetermined dates, number and types of rooms, number of adults and children.

1.8. Accommodation is a continuous stay of the Guest in one room of the Hotel, which he/she has previously ordered and paid for.

2. Guest status

2.1. There are three Guest statuses:

Silver – 6 – 10 stays

Gold – 11 – 15 stays

Platinum – from 16 stays

2.2. The amount of the discount depends on the Guest Status:

Silver – 3%

Gold – 5%

Platinum – 7%.

2.3. Guest status is assigned automatically depending on the number of stays at the Hotel.

2.4. The Guest status changes automatically the day after the end of the stay.

2.5. The Guest status is not transferable or delegable from one person to another, but is a personal discount on services at the Hotel.

3. Terms of discounts

3.1. For the Guest’s participation in the Loyalty Program, the Accommodation booked directly at the Hotel reception, by calling the Hotel’s phone number or on the Hotel’s website shall be taken into account.

3.2. The discount on accommodation in the Hotel is taken into account when booking at the Hotel reception or by calling the Hotel.

3.3. The discount applies to accommodation in rooms of the following categories:


“Family Deluxe”


“Deluxe attic”


“Mansard Romance”

3.4. When making a Booking, the Guest is obliged to provide his/her surname, name, patronymic and contact phone number (if additional identification is required – date of birth, etc.).

3.5. The discount is valid only if the Guest checks in as the Main Guest of the accommodation. In case of arrival of another person, the cost is recalculated at the full rate and paid before the Guest’s arrival.

3.6. For the Guest’s participation in the loyalty program, the accommodation between which there is a period of at least one day is taken into account.

3.7. The discount for accommodation in the “Royal” room is not provided, but is taken into account in the Loyalty Program to determine the Guest’s status.

3.8. If, according to the terms of the Hotel, several discounts can be valid for the Guest at the same time, the discounts are not summarized, but the maximum discount is provided.

4. Restrictions

4.1 An unpaid or paid reservation is not a reason to change the Guest’s status.

4.2. The discount under the Loyalty Program does not apply to Reservations and Guest Accommodation made through the website and are not taken into account in the Loyalty Program to determine the Guest Status.

4.3. The Loyalty Program does not apply to the Guest’s accommodation when purchasing a Gift Certificate.

4.4. The discount is not available for stays in high season. The period of high season is determined unilaterally by the Hotel. In exceptional cases, the discount may be granted by the decision of the hotel administration, which is previously reported in the tariffs on the Hotel’s website.

4.5. The Loyalty Program does not apply to Reservations and Accommodation of the Guest booked under other promotions, discounts provided as a gift or with a personal discount, as well as at the service rate.

4.5. The Loyalty Program does not apply to Reservations and Guest Accommodation paid for by legal entities or individual entrepreneurs.

5. Final provisions

5.1. After the start of the Loyalty Program, previously booked and paid for accommodation is not recalculated.

5.2. The discount is not compensated by cash or services at the Hotel.

5.3. The discount is not credited for early check-in, late check-out and tourist tax.

5.4. The discount is not provided for the cost of an extra bed in the room, if such a place is provided by the rules of accommodation in the room.

5.5. In case of cancellation, the amount of one night stay is charged.

5.6. Der Status des Gastes kann durch Entscheidung der Hotelleitung im Falle der Verletzung der Aufenthaltsregeln und der Schädigung des Eigentums und des Rufs des Hotels aufgehoben werden.

5.7. Das Hotel behält sich das Recht vor, die Bedingungen des Treueprogramms ohne weitere Ankündigung zu ändern.

5.8. Bitte teilen Sie uns Änderungen Ihrer Telefonnummer und anderer persönlicher Daten rechtzeitig telefonisch mit: 0 800 303 200 (innerhalb der Ukraine kostenlos).

5.9. Das Treueprogramm berücksichtigt die Aufenthalte der Gäste ab dem 01.04.2018.

5.10 Das Datum der Erneuerung des Treueprogramms: 02.12.2021