Schedule of the complex

Daily from 9:00 am to 20:00 pm


Twin pools

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A unique thermal field in Beregovo district was discovered in 1988. Subsequently, the first “twin pools” were built here, which were a copy of the thermal pools of the city of Eger (Hungary). Over time, the complex began to rebuild, but the “twin pools” are still very popular with regular visitors of “Kosino”.

Thermal water in the pool is supplied directly from the well 16T. It can not be filtered so that you can fully feel its healing properties.


Emerald pool

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Works year round

Designed for those who like to take a wellness thermal procedures in the open air in any weather. Comfortable hydromassage seats for the back and legs, underwater aero massage for the lower body, two hydraulic pillows for an effective upper body massage, pleasant music and soothing colors create the most relaxing atmosphere.

The large pool also has a convenient access to the Royal Hall, where you can relax after a swim, get expert medical advice and continue the spa procedures in the Royal saunas and massage room.

Pool “H2O”

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In the summer of 25 ̊C

A large freshwater pool resembles a water molecule (H2O). The atmosphere is created by exotic music and aqua-bar, made in the Mexican style, with the longest bar in Ukraine (27 m). Here you can have a good time by tasting alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Along the perimeter of the pool, two aeromassage frames and two air geysers constantly work. The sloping ground with a depth of 60 cm with the fountain “Big Mushroom” is intended for a comfortable stay of adults with children aged 10 years and over.

“Golden health tap” Kosino”

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Huge thermal pool with Jacuzzi fountains, made in the form of traditional Transcarpathian drinks (beer, wine, coffee and palinka – Hungarian fruit vodka). As well as the world’s highest fountain-illusion with thermal water – the Golden Crane, symbolizes the most valuable source of human health – water.

In the center of the pool there are two hydromassage zones, the “fast river” and “quiet river” rides, which will help to relax, relieve pain and tension in the muscles. Along the edge of the pool are 4 jacuzzi cups with scented thermal water, in which it is better to relax with your eyes closed to the sound of water.

Swimming pool

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The classic 5-lane pool is not just for those who like to keep their body in good shape. As you know, regular swimming slows down the aging process in the human body, and the combination of different swimming styles makes it possible to use almost all muscle groups.

Water procedures have no contraindications, because swimming does not require a special level of physical fitness. Regular exercise in the water increases endurance, helps to actively lose excess weight, improves blood circulation, normalizes pressure and relieves stress.

Children’s pool

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This shallow pool is specially equipped for the leisure and recreation of children – the little guests of the Kosino complex. The pool is filled with thermal water with a temperature of 31 ° C, which is useful for improving the children’s health and will not allow them to overheat or overcool. For your child’s safe stay in the pool, a smooth bottom descent is provided, which leads to the playing area – a hill in the form of a large octopus, from the top of which beats a thermal fountain. The shallow depth of the pool makes it possible to bring here even the smallest, who can play and frolic on their own. And while you relax, our animators will take care of the safety of the rides, which will not let the children get bored. Kosino is an ideal place for wellness and recreation with children in the Carpathians!

Pool “Yin-Yang”

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Yin and Yang are the basis of Eastern philosophy, two fundamental forces that the Universe creates through interaction and balance: earth and sky, man and woman, black and white, good and bad, hot and cold. They are the exact opposite, but the existence of each other is impossible. The sages in Japanese culture saw the human body as a katana sword, which was tempered with a sharp change in temperature in several stages. Kneipp’s baths “Yin-Yang” help in the treatment of skin diseases, varicosity and vegetative-vascular dystonia, normalize blood pressure, harden the body and increase immunity. The procedure involves staying in each bath for 20 minutes. Comfortable seats are installed for a pleasant treatment.

Kneipp bath “17 steps of health”


Treatment recommendations: the best therapeutic effect is achieved during alternate stays in any of the baths for 1 min.

Kneipp treatment methods are based on the alternation of the action of hot thermal and cold fresh water. This procedure activates blood circulation, helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, stimulates the protective immune functions of the body. The bottom of the therapeutic baths is lined with small stones that massage the feet, thereby activating the corresponding points on them associated with internal organs. This procedure has a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system, eliminating the effects of stress. Regular visits to the “17 steps of health” will help get rid of leg pain, cramps of the lower extremities, varicose veins. The medical procedure is very simple – alternately go through all the baths, lingering in each for 1 minute.


Recommended stay in the thermal pool:

15 – 20 min. 3 times a day.

Contraindications: diseases in a state of exacerbation.